Our services

  • Pet Sitting

    A Kare4petz Adelaide sitter can attend your premises either once or twice a day depending on the requirement of your animals. Visits are generally at least 30 minutes long where we can spend some time with you pets as well as performing all the included duties while we are there.

  • Pet Sitting - Included

    Apart from spending time with your pets which may include playtime and pats, we will also ensure they have fresh food and water, clean litter trays and their bedding is tidy. The mail is collected each day and left somewhere safe for you and we can even put your bins out.

  • Pet Sitting - Extras

    Occasionally a pet may destroy their bedding or we may run out of food to feed them. The sitter can purchase these items if required and there will be charge to cover the cost of the items on your return. We are also able to buy essentials such as milk and bread just before you are due home.

  • Dog Walking

    Dog walking is on lead only and may include up to two dogs at a time. Dogs must be well behaved on a leash and have suitable collars or harnesses available. Kare4petz Adelaide will not walk aggressive dogs that may put the sitter, dog or public at risk.

  • Pet Transport

    Pet transportation is available. This service is suitable for people that need to get their animals to a vet or to the airport. Dogs must be on lead and cats must be in a cat carrier or pet pak. Bookings are to be made at least one week prior to the pick up date.

  • Initial Consultation

    A Kare4petz Adelaide sitter will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and to meet with your pets. This visit is a requirement before any agreement between yourself and Kare4petz Adelaide can proceed. There is no charge for this service.



  • Pricing - Pet Sitting

    Pet sitting prices start from $35 a visit and are tailored to your needs. Each visit is generally around 30 minutes but households with multiple pets may require longer visits to enable us to care properly for your pets while you are away. Pricing is discussed at the initial consultation.

  • Pricing - Dog Walking

    The price for dog walking starts from $30 for a 30 minute walk. The sitter is able to walk a maximum of two well behaved dogs at a time and will not offer group walks with other people's dogs. Some breeds require longer walks and specific pricing can be discussed at the initial consultation.

  • Pricing - Transport

    There is a minimum 'pick up' charge of $30 for pet transport. The pricing for this service is very similar to the cost of a taxi fare and is therefore dependent on the distance to be travelled and the time that it will take.